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First Steps in Image Development

At 15 years old, in northern France, some of my classmates started a rock band (Victor et Eux). Without any musical predisposition, I naturally found my place among them in the orchestration of their gigs… locally, regionally and, later on, their concerts and tour throughout France. I was immediately drawn to the job of developing their image, look and presentation… Improving their relations and developing ways to understand their style was immediately obvious to me as a step in parallel with their artistic ambitions. It is through this symbiosis that the positive artistic DNA is revealed in Talent.

After signing my group to a label distributed by Universal, I was also hired and made my official debut as a fan manager. Shaping raw talent with artistic service, building a visual identity, synthesizing a ‘story’, finding the hooks to seduce the media all became a part of my work for artists like, Johnny Clegg, Buzy, Roxette, Patrick Fiori…

After two years of marketing, Marc Britan (ex PDG d’EMI France), the label’s boss at the time, decided that I had a flare for, what he called, “peripheral business”. Marc had historically initiated the first TV partnerships with TF1 in the form of co-exploitation of returns, and he had understood before everyone that branding, licensing and various partnerships would be the future of the disk industry. That experimental type of work at the crossroads of artistic work, marketing, communication and sales forged the foundation for my professional future.

Press Attaché/Communications & Music Operations Manager for TF1

Having built up a number of partnerships in the disk industry, les editions TF1 (Une Musique at the time) decided to take-on the record industry by producing themselves. It was an audacious gamble. In 1995, I was recruited to the position of TV press attaché. Two years after I was managing the communications service team that I had formed. During a group seminar, Etienne Moujotte, at the time VP and Director of the station TF1, proudly announced that Une Musique’s artists and projects had accumulated more exposure on all other stations combined than on TF1.

In the following year, Corinne Bouygues (PDG de TF1 Enterprises, which regrouped all the subsidiaries) spotted me. She hired me as TF1’s Music Operations Manager. Still balancing between entertainment artists, marketing and communication, I accompanied the developments of artists and projects promoted by the station: Khadja Nin, Wes, from Deep Forest ( and also the group Nomads 100% produced by Une Musiqe…

My job consisted of highlighting the entire artistic path, dressing the artist in accordance to his personality, facilitating the needs of the station and sponsor while communicating to the media that the highly exposed TF1 ‘summer hits’, initially produced by and for the channel, were also artistic creations.

This time period also marked the debut of TF1 Licensing, another branch of the group dedicated to licensing the products derived from TV. In addition with my principle activities, I also had the mission of developing and coordinating license development.

From an artist… a work of art. My approach regrouped all the aspects of a project: creating the crossroads of expression, structuring energies, and improving impact. This mission initiated my inspection of all of TF1’s subsidiaries in order to uncover any possible synergies that I could develop.

During this time, the “summer hits”, which are not all obvious commercial jingles, became veritable international music blockbusters, reaching record sales, as much as 7 million singles sold in almost 20 countries.

It was of great personal satisfaction when artists were invited to perform by all the TV stations, in spite of their TF1 station label.

TF6 – Music Grid Manager

Early 2000, I left Une Musique to create the program grid for TF6, a new TV channel by TF1 and M6.

Frederique Delliaux – Haute Streeture- Styliste Entrepreneur

Frédéric Delliaux – Haute Streeture – Styliste entrepreneur

Frédéric Delliaux – Haute Streeture


After ten years in the music and TV industry, I decide to take a break.

From brand image to fashion, there is but a small step.

It was the opportunity to throw myself into a new challenge; I created a clothes brand in order to illustrate my idea of “Haute Streeture”, mixing custom luxury, accessible prêt-à-porter and vintage. I opened an exclusive boutique in the Paris Marais area, L’Atelier.

A number of clients wanting more than just clothes opened our doors, and I became a style advisor. Little by little, I accompanied Johnny Halliday on three of his tours (“Tournée des Stades” en 2003, “Flashback Tour” en 2006 et le “Tour 66” en 2009) as a stage advisor. I assisted Bernard Schmidt, Halliday’s stage director in the coordination of concepts, décor and costumes, to create an atmosphere coherent with the rock stars legendary look. At the same time, Bono, Ricky Martin and Elton John bought my leather clothes in shop. Little by little I approached my former line of work, on the cusp of art and communications.

My entrepreneur/style advisor experience lasted 5 years before my past caught up with me. The role as image consultant imposed itself naturally.

Work continued… but life is full of surprises. I made the acquaintance of the singer LORIE at one of her American style shows. To my surprise a spark was immediately ignited in me. She had an athlete’s drive, will, ambition, spontaneity and youth, all the positive elements of an teeny-bopper who had nothing to prove. She shared with me her desire to “Grow Up.”   A few months later, our collaboration began without a moment’s hesitation. I promised to make her a ‘media adult’ if she would be patient and work hard. The challenge was huge, but 4 years later… with 1,5 albums and 3 films, the bet was won. Story Over.

20 year after having signed my first Rock Band in high school, the real constant in my life had been developing a Talent through image building. Relenting to destiny, I became an image development consultant.


F2L - Frederic Delliaux

So what is an Image Consultant in my category?? Above all, it is the ability to identify a particular DNA in a person, a potential past, present or future exploit that will hook the media and the public. Next it is framing and optimizing the ways and means of expression, then orchestrating the encounters that express these talents. Image consulting is also image building, this means making choices artistically, through photo shoots, media presentations, etc. Being an image consultant is to be the connector, to have the ideas, and in my case, the guts!

For too long now, the music industry has been trying to morph itself into a reality that it does not master by holding on, in spite of everything, to obsolete systems.

In 2008, I decided that it was time to widen my professional horizon, build my own projects and steer my clients, in accordance to or his/her DNA and aptitudes, towards peripheral activities. Movies, TV, live shows, books, collaborations and partnerships are from here out the order of the day!

Licencity – From Image to Licensing


Three years later, these moves out of my jurisdiction steered my activities closer to the world of endorsements and licensing. Licencity, born from new encounters and intuitive professional connections, is an agency dedicated to Talent Development, valorizing ones image and thus, their brand.

I have come full circle…



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